The Covered 6 Security Academy is comprised of three comprehensive professional security training programs. Each has been designed with the latest input from industry experts and is taught by tenured instructors with the knowledge, experience, and ability. Our Cyber Security Technician and Physical Security Specialist programs are the new US Department of Labor's National Standard. Covered 6 is the only security company to have achieved this recognition in an effort to raise the bar in the security industry. It does not stop at training. Career development and job placement are just as important to us and the clients we serve. It's our mission to "train the few to protect the many."


Chris Dunn

Our director served in the US Army as a decorated Military Police Investigator, Special Reaction Team point man/sniper (SRT), Air Assault and protective services detail member (PSD). Chris later joined the LAPD, where he achieved "Honor Graduate" of his academy class. Chris served as a member of an East LA anti-gang unit (CRASH) and team leader of a Special Problems Unit (SPU).

In 1998, Chris was awarded the Medal of Valor "For courage under fire".  Chris was also honored with the national Top Cop Award, presented by President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office of the White House. During his Law Enforcement career Chris has served as Field Training Officer, Special Response Team (SWAT), POST Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, undercover narcotics detective, and Special Enforcement Detail (SED) investigator.  He was again recognized in Washington by receiving a OCDETF Award from US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Chris is a black belt in Tang Soo Do, a P.O.S.T. certified Krav Maga police instructor and holds various firearms, less lethal and tactics instructor certifications. At Covered 6, Chris has taught and certified thousands of public safety personnel, law enforcement officers, teachers, instructors, and responsible armed citizens. He is the founder of the ADAPT programs and teaches this program at several Southern California universities. He is also the inventor/designer of the Savior MTS Shield, RTD Weapons security systems, tactical nylon apparel/gear and other patented public safety products.

In 2018, Chris accomplished his long time goal of establishing a national standard in the private security industry. The US Department of Labor awarded Covered 6 the first National Program Standard for both physical and cyber security programs. Chris currently consults, trains and develops policy for major studios, aerospace companies, universities, private schools, national private security companies and fortune 100 organizations.

Kevin Lewis

Kevin is a trainer's trainer. With over 30 years of Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics experience under his multiple black belts. Kevin started in the US Navy EOD program and then became involved in personal fitness and martial arts. Kevin has owned and operated multiple fitness centers and studios. He joined the ranks of Krav Maga Worldwide and served as a Vice President of Special Projects for 13 years. During that time Kevin is responsible for developing and shaping DTAC programs for numerous law enforcement and military teams. Having trained thousands of professionals, Kevin is responsible for officer safety on a global scale. In 2010, Kevin was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Kevin holds multiple black belts in different arts and is certified in numerous executive protection programs, evasive driving, counter-terrorism, and Active Shooter. Kevin has developed branded programs like "Get off the X" and "Defensive Edged Weapons" currently taught all over the country. He is a published author and a proud father.

Craig Ramsey

Craig is a military veteran with service in Special Operations in both the Army and Air Force, Craig first performed large-scale, focused protective services for government clients in Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor after departing active-duty in 2004. Craig excelled in this role as an  Advance agent, Shift Leader, Agent-In-Charge (AIC) and Detail Leader. Following these experiences as a contractor, Craig was hired by the government to work directly as a government employee in 2011 as a Security Protective Specialist. He served in this role in many positions, culminating as a US State Department AIC of the US Ambassador to Iraq’s protective detail. Returning to the US in 2014, Craig was hired to work as the Program Manager for a program teaching surveillance and counter-surveillance to Special Operations and select Government Agency personnel. Craig departed that position in 2016, going on to perform Executive Protection and Security Driver duties within the US and in travel abroad. Craig has attended driving courses through Blackwater, the US State Department and BSR/Summit Motorsports Park and numerous training events within his former military and government units. Craig earned a Bachelor of Science, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He is also a graduate of the State Department’s High Threat Tactical Training Course, Blackwater Security Academy, and several Executive Protection courses, in addition to the US military Special Operations Medic Course, US Army Instructor Course and the Advanced Land Navigation Course. Craig is also National Association of EMT certified in Tactical Emergency Combat Care (TECC).

Lee McWhorter

Lee has been involved in the IT revolution since its early days and has more than 30 years of industry experience. He is a highly sought after professional who first learned about identifying weaknesses in computer networks, systems, and software when Internet access was achieved using just a modem. McWhorter currently holds an MBA and over 20 industry certifications (including all of CompTIA’s current certifications) in such areas as general IT, System Administration, Networking, Software Development, Linux, IoT, and Cyber Security. He is particularly proud of the fact that he became one of the first 400 people in the world to earn the PenTest+ certification when he successfully passed the beta version of that exam in 2018.  Lee has taught for numerous private universities, public colleges, commercial training firms, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, he has worked closely for a number of years with CompTIA and the CompTIA Instructor Network as a Speaker, SME, and Instructor. He also owns a successful technology services company and continuously works to improve his craft as a subject matter expert.