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Covered 6 Security Academy

Career Training and Job Placement Assistance (POST 9/11 GI Bill® Accepted)

The world has changed.

Uncertainty has swept the nation. Cyber attacks on the rise and occurring daily and Law Enforcement is becoming more and more restricted and hands off, the demand on private sector protective services is skyrocketing. Now is the time for a career in this industry. 

These 5-week residence courses are designed for those individuals looking to continue in a career as a protector. Our programs incorporate both classroom and practical application exercises to equip graduates with the necessary skills required to excel in the booming Private Sector Security industry. Our courses are designed and taught by working professionals and subject matter experts who have a vast level of experience working in real world conditions and operations. 

Covered 6 puts a large emphasis on establishing well trained, highly capable, and trustworthy professionals who are entering or advancing their security careers. Our company takes a holistic approach to security by training and deploying people in all aspects of privatized security. With daily cyber attacks and restrictions being put on law enforcement, the demand on the private sector is growing rapidly.

We are proud to accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill ®.
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If you are interested in starting or advancing a career as PROTECTOR in the field of Private Sector Security (Physical and Cyber),  join our interest list by filling out our online form. One of our Vocational Advocates will contact you with all of the details on the program(s) you are interested in.

Covered 6 accepts the Post 9/11  Bill ® for all of our Programs.

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What Do Our Graduates Say

As a veteran with special operations experience coupled with prior experiences in dignitary and executive protection, I've had the opportunity to train in many circumstances and with some of the best in the security industry. All that aside, Covered 6 is the only organization that put everything together for a security professional to know in a five-week program that is scale-able, hard hitting and dynamic while at the same time flexible to expand and incorporate emerging methodologies. This course challenged some of my previously held maxims and broke down training scars to enable embracing new paradigms. I can't say enough superlatives about the quality of instruction, the instructors and the whole program!

Robert Ramsey

PSS & EP Graduate | Veteran

The skills I learned here, both hard and soft, will drive me forward for the rest of my life. The lessons and knowledge passed onto me from the instructors will be a huge benefit and driving force in my career as a Security Professional.

Brendon Roberts

PSS Graduate | Veteran

The Covered 6 Academy Executive Protection Course was a very informative, fun and eye opening experience. The instructors are masters of their craft and learning from them was a great privilege. The staff and management are very friendly and helped me with everything I needed to complete this course. Attending this course is an absolute must if you want to broaden your security expertise!

Mark Chavarria

EP Graduate | Veteran

This Course was excellent The Staff are exceptional People and Knowledgeable. They work hard for their students and Provide exceptional training feedback and constructive criticism. Wish I could stay longer honestly wasn’t ready to leave wanted more. Thanks Covered 6

Rubin Romes

PSS Graduate | Veteran

Covered 6 is a great academy to come to if you’re interested in any type of security training. It is no lie when they say it is the leading standard for this field of training. All of the instructors here are well-versed in their fields, and have a generous amount of great knowledge to give to the students. Wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else to start a career. Thank you guys!

Naim Jones

C6 Academy Graduate | Veteran

Geared towards being a Veteran, this course allowed me to reconnect to the training and atmosphere I was accustomed to. In such a short period of time i believe most, if not all of the pertinent emergency medical and or tactical procedures that i learned in the military were covered. In my opinion this training was above any other type of standard that i've ever had, mainly due to the expertise and experience of the instructors themselves. Great experience!

Mark Sun

PSS Graduate | Veteran

Covered 6 Academy is a 5 week course of both in class and hands on training. You first go through class work to introduce the new course of instruction then go hands on. The training offered by Covered 6 is well rounded from verbal de-escalation to physical defense tactics. The amount of experience from every instructor in this academy is hard to come by especially with it all being in one facility. I never knew this type of training can be offered in the security industry. Everything that was taught in this program is definitely of value and will help you advance in the field of security.

Jarod Granados

PSS Graduate | Veteran

Great course with excellent staff who have the knowledge and experience in the Security field and actually invest in you. I got a job [with covered 6] immediately after graduating the 5 week course and can go back and receive additional training for free! You do not see that with any other company! Covered 6 is the way to go!

Clifford Barrow

C6 Academy Graduate | Veteran

Covered 6 is an extraordinary training academy which is fortunate to have a professional and extremely knowledgeable teaching staff. As a military retiree who’s attended literally dozens of military and DoD/DA schools and courses, I would have to say the the level of training and guidance that I received at Covered 6 was at least as good as my military training and in some instances, far superior.

I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone who considers themselves professional security specialists as well as those who might be interested in getting into the private security realm.

J.C. Varner

PSS & EP Graduate | Veteran

I think Cover 6 Academy is the future of Security Training. The training was excellent, and it covered all phases of security.

Martin Fernandez

PSS Graduate | Veteran

I Justis D. Marriaga am a student at Covered 6 Academy and will agree to the fact and reasoning behind why they are the D.O.L’s National Standard of security

Justis Marriaga

C6 Academy Graduate | Veteran

Great staff! Covered 6 academy stood by there word, and was there if ever I needed anything. Well respected staff with a lot of work experience and they love there job!!! Thank you

Yuahki Jones

C6 Academy Graduate | Veteran

I attended the 5 week Executive Protection Class. Having some prior experience in the security field, attending this course not only strengthen my skills but I was also able to apply newly learned skills and broaden my horizon on the private side of the security field. The instructors are very knowledgeable and thorough with the subjects discussed in this course. From classroom practical exercise to live shooting & emergency response situations, everything learned has a purpose and could be applied to real world scenarios. Thank you covered 6 & staff.

John Volante

EP Graduate | Veteran


Military service members or Veterans may be entitled to use Veteran Administration benefits (Post 9/11 GI Bill) to attend our program.  Additional funding can come from the Department of Labor, Employment Development Department and local vocational work sources. To learn more about these unique opportunities or to discuss how to use your VA educational benefits to attend our program and/or earn your certifications, contact a Covered 6 Security Academy Vocational Advocate by calling 805.926.2055 or by clicking on the "Contact Us Now" tab and fill out the online form.